Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Painful Truth Vol. 1

Like a warm breeze blowing in the african night

Brushing my face vigourously, like a one-sided fight

I stand amazed, with no reply

If she lets me, her body, I would defy

Closer and closer, I can feel her heart race

Gentle and mild, then a sudden change of pace

That look, that stare, almost like she's teasing

If she lets me, her body, I would be pleasing

The need, the hunger, it grows stronger and stronger

I want to make her mine, I can't take it any longer

Torture and slavery are nothing compared to this

But I love her and respect her, so I bless her with a kiss

The kiss gets deeper, emotions unravel

Arms embrace, as our minds travel

At first glance, picture perfect, it all seem fine

Look a little closer, the heart that's bleeding is mine