Monday, December 03, 2012

Show Appreciation

Hi Readers.

This early december post is dedicated to the hardworking members of my team for their relentless efforts over the course of the year.

#TeamYYME #TeamHTE #TeamTCC #TeamVersatileStudios

Get familiar with the crew.

Friday, November 30, 2012

V for Versatile - The Revolution Is Happening All Around Us.

Hi Readers,

So I am back to blogging. Great.

I have missed blogspot and all the content I have diligently fed into this corner of the internet.

To say I have missed blogging would be false, since the advent of twitter and the progressive influence of facebook. The options for daily blogging could scarcely come any easier.

But I am set to break free of my bonds [follow me on twitter: @El_Nnanna] and social media shakles [Find me on facebook: El Nnanna Versatile]

So since my last blog post. I have:

- Completed my B Eng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Business Management [means I am qualified to apply for a job]

- Attempted to establish, run and relocate 2 enterprises i.e. Versatile Studios & YYME Records. [this has not been easy. I shall elaborate more.]

- Lost my dad [This is an especially sensitive issue for me.]

- Lost 2 very close friends [Victor & Joe]

- Lost and Found LOVE in very strange circumstances. [Twice]

- Attained a chieftaincy title in my hometown. [And no I didnt have to perform any voodoo or sell my soul or kill anybody]

Its been fun. Wish I could spill all but I am mostly back to show off my designs and work as and when they are conceived.

So I would leave you with some of my more recent work involving a humourous dance skit to PSY's GanGnam Style and a few shots I took during the period.

Check it out and leave your thoughts.

I look forward to providing alot of stimulating and inspiring content as well as entertaining your thoughts on them


Matty & Sharon - GanGnam Style Skit.