Saturday, January 30, 2010

Man and Nature

It's a beautiful world that we live in,

The sun and the moon so forgiving;

The magic of nature so inviting;

The vastness of seas quite exciting;

At night, we gaze into the sky,

The next morning, we believe we can fly;

At sunset, we peer into the horizon,

While the fading light ushers in the night zone;

In the jungle, its wonderful how animals co-exist

A hidden civilization, though each day bears a new risk;

It's intriguing how trees manage to stay upright,

For all trees always go down without a fight;

Many a man have dreamt of conquering the sea,

Yet only a few realize she really sets you free;

Countless creations doth her belly hold,

Numerous discoveries are she yet to unfold;

Yet MAN endlessly battles with nature,

Forgetting that we are really her CREATURE;

Exploiting all she gave and had to offer,

For these crimes, MAN will continue to suffer...