Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Mi Amore

Mi amore,

It's been two years already since you waltzed into my heart and made it home. I can't believe that I have only really known you for that long. And in that time we have done it all. Laughed together, cried together, fought together and loved each other.

Our honeymoon period was greeted with hesitation by everyone but we could already see beyond the horizon. From the wars in VGC to the battles in Accra, we have amassed a proud body count of unbelievers and doubters. We have sustained countless battle scars and yet we still press on.

We have had those rare moments that have become milestones in our infant relationship. Like our first fight at Xovar Lounge (that was real), The Catfish Chronicles (you sha like fish), Sunsets in Accra (that made a big impression on me till date), The Search for Good Trees (because someone refused to high) 😧, The Many Standoffs (even though I'm taller), The Periods of Silence (this is a great reminder of how fragile hearts and relationships can be), Lake Supadupa & Nnanna's Laptop (that's when I knew I had fallen for you), Belinda The Amazon Princess (there is a warrior inside you waiting to come forth), The Nigerian Kitchen (another moment of great pride), Not Normal Video Shoot (supadupa assistant, I still have our car selfies), The VGC Shopping Complex Shoki (talk about healthy appetite), The Three Musketeers (Mini Me, Maxi Me & Me), The Life & Times of Giovanni (our prodigal son), House Hunting in Accra (This coincides with our skype love), The School Fight (this scared me), The Epic Birthday of 2years Ago (this scared me even more), Meeting my other Wives (they knew SHE had arrived), Tales by Balcony (We spent way too much time there), Who You Baff??? (This was a new experience for me), All The Wonderful Meals (my God you can cook), Our First Club Experience (with our growing bum bum), The Adventures of Sharon & Sam (this was too cute), The Great Escape from Accra (there were many sequels to this), My Birthday Treat (I was happy just because we could share this), Our Christmas Holiday Together (I want more days like those), Sharing Poetry (I miss your beautiful soul), Nnanna The Lesson Teacher from Lagos (one of the best learning experiences of my life), From Festac with Love (I still feel bad that I havent been) and soooo many more.

I am glad we met and got to share all of these wonderful experiences together. To many more breathtaking moments.

Have a wonderful birthday mi amore.

Yours Celibately (Jesus knows 😩😧😳),

Nnanna Ukaegbu (Superman)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Journey

The dreams I had as a young man
Filled with the promise of a master plan
Fuelled by the desire for a better life
Of cars and houses, a kid and a wife

I towed the line and the price was fine
Shouldn't my death be of my own design
For if life should take me before my prime
Let it be known that my time was mine

Although my efforts are not enough
To make this journey a little less tough
I sleep, wake, work and love
All else is left to God above