Friday, July 16, 2010

The Harvest

The pain runs deep, so no drought for my sorrows
But a bucket of hope gives a glimpse into my tomorrows
You cannot value joy without full immersion in pain
I'm a vivid believer in that notion of no pain, no gain

Experience is the best teacher, I live to fight another day
From the wise words of a preacher, where there is sunshine, make some hay
And when the rain comes pouring, don't hold the seeds in your hand
If you want a bumper harvest, it's best you put them in some sand

My future is like a seed, and my present like the earth
If I plant close to weeds, there is no way it'd give birth
Plant next to trees, then the sunshine is impeded
If I till next to seas, then extra support would be needed

So I put them in good soil, watered with sweat and tears
Show a little patience and enjoy the harvest for many years
You reap what you sow and only owe what you've taken
To whom much is given, can always expect a rude awakening

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Story of Failure

I sit now at the threshold of failures door
No welcome mat in sight, just a simple floor
My roots boast success and a whole lot more
Come in if you can, but no rooms for the poor

Staring from the walls, hang the pictures of defeat
The walk of shame, daily will I repeat
All my endeavours gone wrong, are by no means discrete
Luck and hardwork are two things my body won't secrete

With my own hands, I have wiped clean my eyes
I look over my shoulder, more tears and more lies
I face my feet's direction to return focus to my prize
The only obstacle remains the magnitude of the challenge to my size


Life is not static, nothing forever remains the same
Failure is temporary, so only my efforts are to blame
Praise is for the moment, but it feels longer when it's shame
I am going to find success, so tell failure that I came.

Monday, May 31, 2010

May Compilation

I spent the entire month engaged in my studies
Completed my thesis and hung out with my intellectual buddies
I wrote a couple of notes to ease the tension from my stresses
And I thought to compile a few quotes from my famous predecessors

Drink it deep or touch not the Pyrenean springs, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

- Alexander Pope

Knowledge makes good men better and bad men worse

- Anonymous

Problems cannot be solved with the same level of intelligence that created them

- Albert Einstein

The mark of an immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of a mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one

-William Stekel

I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens who, 'reading newspapers', live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in their times.

- Thomas Jefferson

To avoid all mistake in the conduct of a great enterprise is beyond a man's powers...But, when a mistake has once been made, to use his reverses as lessons for the future is part of a brave and sensible man

- Minicius

Worry is wasting today's time to clutter up tomorrow's opportunity with yesterday's troubles

Every accomplishment great or small starts with a decision

Laziness travels slowly, poverty soon overtakes it

Whenever you fall, pick something up

- Anonymous

A mistake riddled life is more interesting, much more richer and more stimulating than the life that never risks or taken a stand on anything.

Of all the things you where, a smile is the most important one

You'll always have everything you want in life, If you'll help enough other people get what they want

- Zig Zaglar

Utter commotion in the blocks, to make some hay or to sling some rocks. Either way, we must feed our flocks. Time is running out, as the clock tick tocks, to each of mocks!

- El Nnanna

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life and Times of a Student Vol. 1

The quest for knowledge sets you on a course for indoctrination
As halls of institutions are teeming with the principles of socialization
The style of assessment is incoherent with the general approach to education
Breeding inequality, further enforcing human and social segregation

The victims are the students and the system, their servant-master
Bound to the global economy, to serve their nations like a caster
Our environment is evolving because the world is moving faster
So now every human input brings us a step closer to potential disaster

If change is our natural constant and time is our common base
Treat man as a complex function, the result is void for this unique case
If we allow for external influence and take the environment into consideration
A proper summation of man's fractional past, would solve this infinite equation

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Painful Truth Vol. 2

It all started with a SMILE, and a HI

After introductions, I couldn't wait to say GOODBYE

As CIRCUMSTANCES would dictate, we were bound to MEET

And every single time, our FACES would greet

The talk was quite SWEET, and then a bit SOUR

All of a sudden, I'm hoping that she's gone by the HOUR

Her language was soft but her words were FRUSTRATING

My patience was thin, yet I stood there DEBATING

With my TEMPERAMENT tested and my ATTITUDE questioned

I found that my FEELINGs for her were still SECTIONED

Talks of friendship were followed by talks of OPPOSITION

Her bi-polar nature didn't fit my pleasant DISPOSITION

But far from it, she had surpassed my PREDICTIONS

A gaze in her direction all but sealed my CONVICTIONS

With nothing but my PRIDE and my WORDS in hand

I gave in to her charms with my common sense UNMANNED

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Life With Friends

I am grateful for discovering such wonderful friends

Who have stood by me, despite my changing views and trends

Who often recite me, when I'm down or in pain

Who always celebrate me, whether I make a loss or gain

I really feel privileged to have known such outstanding people

Whose kindness and generosity to me, have known no equal

Whose reactions to my actions bring joy and satisfaction

Whose influence and support help to abate any distractions

I have known the taste of true friendship and unity

That offers protection and guarantees social immunity

That provides capital to even the smallest of our ideas

That both tests our resolve and helps to overcome our fears

I am really thankful to the friends I have known

And to those whose journeys have crossed paths with my own

To those whose lives have passively inspired mine

And to those who everyday enable me to shine

Bless Y'all

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lost In Thought Vol. 3

The pain is gone and I am now reborn 

A new vein of life without fear of the norm

A new found insight to lay the foundation

A fresh hunger, greater drive to balance the equation

Old habits do linger, still no ring on my finger

I detest smoking, but I must confess I'm still a drinker

I encourage joking, but don't call me a joker

I occasionally gamble, but don't play cards or poker

My attitude is different, my outlook has changed

My desires remain the same but my priorities re-arranged

My approach is less cautious, my tactics more subtle

My preparations complete as I prepare to exit my bubble

My emotions are like a windshield, and logic, my wiper

When I feel a problem, these tools help me to decipher

Today is uncertain and may hold a potential danger

The past is an old friend, the future is a quiet stranger

"In my search for insight, I have encountered some life changing realities

That the world as we know it, is far from depicted normalities

We are slaves of the system, victims of the human race

Bound by economic struggle, with a motive to having one face

But unknown to many, like all slaves we have masters

Like pawns to a king, creating man-made disasters

Playing out wars and directing power struggles

All to trap the people in their own little bubbles"

Monday, February 01, 2010

Love Life

To enjoy a life of love takes serious dedication

And excess consumption leads to deep infatuation

For emotion without control is as good as intoxication

And to regain sanity requires a lonely rehabilitation

During purging, your brain and heart would be held accountable

The road is always long, sometimes seeming insurmountable

Your mind and body experience a breakdown in communication

As your heart swells with the tears of a fallen nation

To blame man or nature is a fruitless expedition

For one of man's biggest flaws, is his consent to repetition

Your experiences turn to memories and failures into fears

Character and confidence are the end products of your tears

Time is a factor because humans are measured in years

After all, it takes time to make those sensitive repairs

So it is only sensible that you should acquire

In that time, what you require to meet your love-life desire

Bear in mind the need for love is not announced

And your time to partake would never be pronounced

For in a life of love, we know you never get what you give

So for the sake of love, let us all live and let live;

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Man and Nature

It's a beautiful world that we live in,

The sun and the moon so forgiving;

The magic of nature so inviting;

The vastness of seas quite exciting;

At night, we gaze into the sky,

The next morning, we believe we can fly;

At sunset, we peer into the horizon,

While the fading light ushers in the night zone;

In the jungle, its wonderful how animals co-exist

A hidden civilization, though each day bears a new risk;

It's intriguing how trees manage to stay upright,

For all trees always go down without a fight;

Many a man have dreamt of conquering the sea,

Yet only a few realize she really sets you free;

Countless creations doth her belly hold,

Numerous discoveries are she yet to unfold;

Yet MAN endlessly battles with nature,

Forgetting that we are really her CREATURE;

Exploiting all she gave and had to offer,

For these crimes, MAN will continue to suffer...