Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's Just A Headache

No memories
No thinking
Heart racing
Eyes twitching
It's just a headache

Walking into walls
Waking up on floors
Living through the pain
Struggling yet again
It's just a headache

Driving off a cliff
Pulling on a spliff
Falling under gravity
Hoping she would carry me
It's just a headache

The earth rushes up to greet me
A poor attempt to save me
Yet only she can complete me
Life, why has thou forsaken me
It's just a headache

Waking up on the floor
Covered in blood, sweat and tears
Death and destruction everywhere
I have been dreaming for many years
It's just a headache

Ringing in my ears
Pounding in my chest
Body parts scattered everywhere
Now I can lay down and rest
It's still just a headache

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Waking Up To Manhood

[Heavy snoring emanating from the ground floor bedroom]

"Nnanna, Wake Up! It's MONDAY already
Your mates are at work, and you are here sleeping heavily
After all your late nights and mysterious gallivanting
Not even 10kobo or 1 Naira, you have been found wanting"

[Stumbles out of bed and into the bathroom]

"It is well my son, I have put it before God
Take a shower and get ready, have faith in our Lord
I have called that my friend, the owner of that oil company
Go to his office, tell him who you are, and he will treat you properly"

[Struggles to knot tie in front of a mirror]

"Look at your room, see this mess, I am tired of begging you
Be serious, clean up your act, or no girl will consider wedding you
Seeing things like this, brings me a lot of pain
People laugh at me because I'm living with your shame"

[Flings the duvet over pile of untidy clothing]

"Here is a packed lunch, hold transport money
The driver will take you there, so you can't try anything funny
First impressions matter, so smile whenever you can
Go with God my son, the time has come to be a man"

[Grabs briefcase and walks out the door]