Monday, February 01, 2010

Love Life

To enjoy a life of love takes serious dedication

And excess consumption leads to deep infatuation

For emotion without control is as good as intoxication

And to regain sanity requires a lonely rehabilitation

During purging, your brain and heart would be held accountable

The road is always long, sometimes seeming insurmountable

Your mind and body experience a breakdown in communication

As your heart swells with the tears of a fallen nation

To blame man or nature is a fruitless expedition

For one of man's biggest flaws, is his consent to repetition

Your experiences turn to memories and failures into fears

Character and confidence are the end products of your tears

Time is a factor because humans are measured in years

After all, it takes time to make those sensitive repairs

So it is only sensible that you should acquire

In that time, what you require to meet your love-life desire

Bear in mind the need for love is not announced

And your time to partake would never be pronounced

For in a life of love, we know you never get what you give

So for the sake of love, let us all live and let live;