Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Dear Mother

Dear Mother,

I address this piece to you
To remind you of my love for you
The hardest thing I have had to do
Is fly to England, far from you

Im proud to say you are my mother
You raised me, my sister and brother
Nurturing us through our infant years
Cleaning and changing our underwears

Never complaining, just giving us love
I always knew that you were a gift from above
Ever present and always ready to guide
With you, there is nothing I would hide

We love you, and I hope you know
I understand the affections you show
Worrying and caring that comes from the heart
It is the reason nothing can tear us apart

And to the greatest DAD also sent from above
We are proud of you, even with the tough love
I apologise for all the heart ache we have caused
And thank you for forgiving and not giving up on us

Dear mother, To you returns my focus
In our family, you are the backbone, the locus
On this special day, you should enjoy and savour
Feasting on delicacies and avoiding any form of labour

I hope on you birthday all your wishes come true
Long life and prosperity are my wishes for you

We love you mum

From your sons

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yamarita's Poem

Its a sticky situation when you are caught in-between
Doing the right thing for a friend and letting her wean 
And discover the world and what it has to offer
These experiences could break her or even make her tougher
But I dont want to see her suffer, I want to intervene 
But in the eyes of the third party, I would appear mean
There are unwritten laws, in being a man
Cock blocking is wrong, avoid it if you can

But at the same time, I cant sit here and wait
The lady involved is my best mate, and her lads a fake
He uses her mind and plays with her intelligence
All because she's gullable and suffers a little negligence
I hate pretence, I took offence when she made me aware...
of her current situation, it gave me a scare
Now how to repair this love affair is entirely her decision
I just didnt want to stand by without her hearing my opinion

Love ya to bits

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Real Crisis

All I see are problems and emergencies.

Terrorists remain a threat through violent tendencies.

Economies and Businesses struggle to survive, 

While people in poorer countries are managing to stay alive.


The World is deteriorating because of the peoples need.

But in the recent times, it has been because of some peoples greed

Some MP's and Politicians are just there for the ride

Others stand out, having the smaller people in mind


Drugs and weapons, heavily traded commodities

But for a price, death and various atrocities

Homicide or genocide, all I see is killing

People killing people, our solution through kneeling...

In prayer to God, hoping for an answer...

To this incurable disease, Humans are like a cancer