Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lost In Thought Vol. 1

I lay awake, many a night

Lost in thought, searching for insight

Driven by the hunger to acquire more knowledge

With the belief that herein lies more than in college

My mind is like a bee-hive, buzzing with excitment

Take a peak at your peril, for herein lies enlightenment

Night after night, im hit by ideas

Not taking them serious has brought me nothing but tears

Time to change focus and get out of this hole

The pursuit of happiness is my ultimate goal

Call me selfish for turning my back on my dreams

Im not sure its worth it making pointless plans and schemes

I weep for my undiscovered potential

Forcing myself to believe that only comfort is essential

Not wanting to stand out for fear of vulnerability

To maintain my self-respect, dignity and humility

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