Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's Just A Headache

No memories
No thinking
Heart racing
Eyes twitching
It's just a headache

Walking into walls
Waking up on floors
Living through the pain
Struggling yet again
It's just a headache

Driving off a cliff
Pulling on a spliff
Falling under gravity
Hoping she would carry me
It's just a headache

The earth rushes up to greet me
A poor attempt to save me
Yet only she can complete me
Life, why has thou forsaken me
It's just a headache

Waking up on the floor
Covered in blood, sweat and tears
Death and destruction everywhere
I have been dreaming for many years
It's just a headache

Ringing in my ears
Pounding in my chest
Body parts scattered everywhere
Now I can lay down and rest
It's still just a headache

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