Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yamarita's Poem

Its a sticky situation when you are caught in-between
Doing the right thing for a friend and letting her wean 
And discover the world and what it has to offer
These experiences could break her or even make her tougher
But I dont want to see her suffer, I want to intervene 
But in the eyes of the third party, I would appear mean
There are unwritten laws, in being a man
Cock blocking is wrong, avoid it if you can

But at the same time, I cant sit here and wait
The lady involved is my best mate, and her lads a fake
He uses her mind and plays with her intelligence
All because she's gullable and suffers a little negligence
I hate pretence, I took offence when she made me aware...
of her current situation, it gave me a scare
Now how to repair this love affair is entirely her decision
I just didnt want to stand by without her hearing my opinion

Love ya to bits

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