Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Story of Failure

I sit now at the threshold of failures door
No welcome mat in sight, just a simple floor
My roots boast success and a whole lot more
Come in if you can, but no rooms for the poor

Staring from the walls, hang the pictures of defeat
The walk of shame, daily will I repeat
All my endeavours gone wrong, are by no means discrete
Luck and hardwork are two things my body won't secrete

With my own hands, I have wiped clean my eyes
I look over my shoulder, more tears and more lies
I face my feet's direction to return focus to my prize
The only obstacle remains the magnitude of the challenge to my size


Life is not static, nothing forever remains the same
Failure is temporary, so only my efforts are to blame
Praise is for the moment, but it feels longer when it's shame
I am going to find success, so tell failure that I came.

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