Friday, July 16, 2010

The Harvest

The pain runs deep, so no drought for my sorrows
But a bucket of hope gives a glimpse into my tomorrows
You cannot value joy without full immersion in pain
I'm a vivid believer in that notion of no pain, no gain

Experience is the best teacher, I live to fight another day
From the wise words of a preacher, where there is sunshine, make some hay
And when the rain comes pouring, don't hold the seeds in your hand
If you want a bumper harvest, it's best you put them in some sand

My future is like a seed, and my present like the earth
If I plant close to weeds, there is no way it'd give birth
Plant next to trees, then the sunshine is impeded
If I till next to seas, then extra support would be needed

So I put them in good soil, watered with sweat and tears
Show a little patience and enjoy the harvest for many years
You reap what you sow and only owe what you've taken
To whom much is given, can always expect a rude awakening

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