Monday, November 30, 2009

The Future's Past

Our idea of the future, often is a mystery

The root of this problem, seems to lie in history;

Our past, their present, was filled with necessity

Science and technology, both fueled by curiosity

The 'west' preached democracy, the negroes replied hypocrisy

Racism and discrimination laid the foundation of their economy

Ignorance and illiteracy were the insecurities at the time

Therefore, the whole world, the 'west' they would mime

The middle east though declined, and the far east were re-designed

So in the post-recession, they would rise to their prime

To lead the world into a new digital timeline

Now, 'the chaos theory' has been set in motion

As the polar regions are becoming one with the ocean

The resources that drive our economies run dry

The people in government tell lie after lie

We now live in an age of political tension

Alot of debates, yet little comprehension

The origin of these problems are rooted firmly in the past

Like rain drops to an ocean, these problems are now vast

I really want to believe our solution is through unification

To share all our problems, and act as one nation

To embrace different cultures and forgo divisions

To respect one another and not judge based on religions

Irrespective of peoples chosen sexual orientations

Afterall, no one was born with written specifications

Be free to take decisions, its your basic right

Follow your dreams, and not what's in plain sight

For one day we would die, and this world we'd miss

As for the rest of y'all, I guess ignorance is bliss!


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