Monday, November 23, 2009


To seek and to pursue, something almost unattainable

Through all means necessary, and any way available

Despite various obstacles and many hidden set-backs

To keep focus on the prize, so as to remain steadfast;

Worship isn't mainly religiously related

Afterall, 'money as a god' is still heavily debated

To worship is greater than to want or to desire

To worship can be likened to 'sex on fire'

When you look in the mirror, and you dream at night

When you think to yourself, sitting there in the spotlight!

That moment in time, set aside for you

Is an act of worship, I'm guilty of it too;

Self-worship is undermined, because of abuse

Spiritual worship is overrated due to moral views

The truth about religion as worship lies in oblivion

Now, Man and not GOD, on this earth has dominion;

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