Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lost In Thought Vol. 3

The pain is gone and I am now reborn 

A new vein of life without fear of the norm

A new found insight to lay the foundation

A fresh hunger, greater drive to balance the equation

Old habits do linger, still no ring on my finger

I detest smoking, but I must confess I'm still a drinker

I encourage joking, but don't call me a joker

I occasionally gamble, but don't play cards or poker

My attitude is different, my outlook has changed

My desires remain the same but my priorities re-arranged

My approach is less cautious, my tactics more subtle

My preparations complete as I prepare to exit my bubble

My emotions are like a windshield, and logic, my wiper

When I feel a problem, these tools help me to decipher

Today is uncertain and may hold a potential danger

The past is an old friend, the future is a quiet stranger

"In my search for insight, I have encountered some life changing realities

That the world as we know it, is far from depicted normalities

We are slaves of the system, victims of the human race

Bound by economic struggle, with a motive to having one face

But unknown to many, like all slaves we have masters

Like pawns to a king, creating man-made disasters

Playing out wars and directing power struggles

All to trap the people in their own little bubbles"

1 comment:

  1. 'with a motive to having one face'- wow, nnanna! Your deep oh! Love it.