Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Painful Truth Vol. 2

It all started with a SMILE, and a HI

After introductions, I couldn't wait to say GOODBYE

As CIRCUMSTANCES would dictate, we were bound to MEET

And every single time, our FACES would greet

The talk was quite SWEET, and then a bit SOUR

All of a sudden, I'm hoping that she's gone by the HOUR

Her language was soft but her words were FRUSTRATING

My patience was thin, yet I stood there DEBATING

With my TEMPERAMENT tested and my ATTITUDE questioned

I found that my FEELINGs for her were still SECTIONED

Talks of friendship were followed by talks of OPPOSITION

Her bi-polar nature didn't fit my pleasant DISPOSITION

But far from it, she had surpassed my PREDICTIONS

A gaze in her direction all but sealed my CONVICTIONS

With nothing but my PRIDE and my WORDS in hand

I gave in to her charms with my common sense UNMANNED

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