Monday, March 22, 2010

My Life With Friends

I am grateful for discovering such wonderful friends

Who have stood by me, despite my changing views and trends

Who often recite me, when I'm down or in pain

Who always celebrate me, whether I make a loss or gain

I really feel privileged to have known such outstanding people

Whose kindness and generosity to me, have known no equal

Whose reactions to my actions bring joy and satisfaction

Whose influence and support help to abate any distractions

I have known the taste of true friendship and unity

That offers protection and guarantees social immunity

That provides capital to even the smallest of our ideas

That both tests our resolve and helps to overcome our fears

I am really thankful to the friends I have known

And to those whose journeys have crossed paths with my own

To those whose lives have passively inspired mine

And to those who everyday enable me to shine

Bless Y'all

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